About us

Is finding suitable financial professionals a challenge? We are happy to take on the process so you can grow your organization with peace of mind.

Our story

Remote Finance Team was created as a solution for the lack of available employees with a financial background in the Netherlands. A few years ago, with the help of our network in Moldova, a support team was set up for a Dutch accountancy firm for which one of the founders worked. It turned out that the right people could be recruited there quickly.

After more than two years of experience with talented and passionate people who successfully support the Dutch financial sector, we decided to help other companies set up their remote teams and achieve the same success.

Our team

Remote Finance Team consists of a team of professionals who specialize in recruiting and seconding employees for the financial department of Dutch companies.

Why Remote Finance?

Quickly find a new employee where you do not have to invest time in searching, training and onboarding. We do that for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

We can imagine that you have some questions before you schedule an introduction with us. That is why we answer the five most frequently asked questions here:

We use an extensive selection process. We initially select on CV, looking at the level of education and experience. We then do a telephone screening and interview. Then we let the candidates take an assessment. We only introduce the candidates to you once they have successfully completed all phases.

In Moldova, the labor market is much more dynamic. Our role as an international employer also plays a role in the ease with which we recruit. Despite the fact that we use wages that are well above the average for a similar position, the costs are still lower than in the Netherlands.

We have developed an academy with which we prepare candidates in a week to get up to speed with Dutch accounting specifics. We also have people on-site who have several years of experience within a Dutch accountancy firm. These people are always ready to answer questions from your new employee.

In addition, to help the collaboration succeed, it is important that your Dutch team has regular online consultations with your remote employee and provides them with feedback.

Your remote employee will not understand the Dutch language at first. Yet with today’s tools it is easy to translate texts and invoices with one click of the mouse. The impact of the language barrier is therefore much less than people expect.

For the Dutch standards and the VAT system, there are differences that we teach your new employee. Because there are not too many of these, your remote employee will master this within the foreseeable future with our academy and good guidance.

In addition to the salary, we currently charge a management fee of EUR 750 per month. The total costs are between EUR 1,500 and EUR 3,000 per month. Where EUR 1,500 is a starter, and you have an experienced financial controller at work for EUR 3,000.