With our recruitment service, we fill your vacancy(s) remotely. We can do this quickly thanks to our extensive network of highly trained financial professionals, usually within a month.

Remote recruiting

In the Netherlands, quickly finding a suitable candidate with a financial background is challenging, time-consuming and costly. Remote Finance offers a high-quality, flexible, and affordable solution. As a Dutch client, you can access our extensive network in Moldova to second university-trained financial specialists to you remotely, online.

Before we recruit for you, we first map out together what kind of reinforcement your organization needs. We have an extensive selection process, and we select three suitable candidates for you within a month of our introduction.

Your remote financial specialist

When you are satisfied with a candidate and have made the choice to hire them, the financial specialist can get to work. The specialist works for you from our modern office building of Remote Finance Team in the capital Chisinau, Moldova.


We guarantee the quality of an employee from Moldova through our extensive selection process. In addition, Remote Finance Team trains candidates internally so that they have a thorough knowledge of the most relevant Dutch standards, the European VAT system, and the method of (online) accounting.


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Remote Finance Team will help you find the right candidates for your organization. And all that remotely.

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