To make the collaboration between you and your employee as pleasant and efficient as possible, we have local people who are always ready to answer your employee’s first-line questions.

Remote support for your employee

A successful remote secondment will only succeed with good support. That is why we are always ready to answer questions or arrange matters. For you as a client and for your employee, you have a personal point of contact within our organization.

We know from experience that through internal training, (on-site) support and feedback, driven professionals develop very quickly and feel even more motivated to do everything they can to help your organization grow.


We think it is essential that both you and your employee should be satisfied, and that is why we keep a close eye on how the collaboration is going.

We schedule a progress meeting once a month, and it is also possible to organize this more frequently if it would benefit your team.


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Nina Banarescu

Remote Finance Team will help you find the right candidates for your organization. And all that remotely.

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