Our internal training ensures that your future employee is ready to work for your organization.

Internal training

The seconded financial specialists of Remote Finance Team are all highly educated, speak fluent English, and can start working for a Dutch client. Nevertheless, we think preparing candidates extra well for their work in a Dutch team is important.

That is why we offer intensive internal training. In this course, candidates become acquainted with Dutch accounting principles, the European VAT system and important tax legislation. In addition, they learn to work with Dutch accounting programs such as Exact Online.

The Dutch jargon

In training, we pay attention to learning the Dutch accounting vocabulary, such as the names of the ledger accounts. Working with numbers is the same all over the world, of course, but it is helpful that your new employee quickly understands to which general ledger account to book the invoices. 

Even after the first course, we always ensure that your employee’s knowledge remains up to date. For example, we provide relevant e-learnings and have a weekly knowledge session in which various topics are discussed.


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